A number of factors are important.

For one, children get the best care when small numbers of children interact with a few adults. When groups are too large, adding more adults to the group does not help. Pineville Child Development Center, Inc. (PCDC, Inc.) holds true to this and has a low child-to-teacher ratio with spacious classrooms.

It does not seem to matter how many years of formal education the caregivers have had. What does matter is how much experience they have in a child-related field. Adults with this experience tend to give better care and are better able to respond to each child's specific needs. PCDC, Inc's dedicated, caring, friendly instructors have over 54 years combined experience in helping children, with extremely low staff turnover.

A licensed center meets minimum state standards for health, fire and safety (it is inspected regularly). However, please realize that licensing does not tell anything about the quality of programs at the center. The state of Pennsylvania has developed the Keystone STARS program, which rates achievement of quality performance standards in the areas of staff education, learning environment, and administration. Child care providers who participate in the STARS program are those who exceed state health and safety licensing requirements.

Here are some things to look for in choosing a proper child care facility:

PCDC, Inc. meets or exceeds all of the above criteria

None of the above criteria apply to PCDC, Inc.

This page contains excerpts from the textbook "Human Development" by D. Papalia and S. Wendkos Olds.


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