Please note: PCDC, Inc. offers development specific to each child as an individual. A child will be "moved up" to the next class when the staff feels he/she is developmentally ready. This may not necessarily coincide with the child's age. The "moving up" process takes places three times a year, and is approached gradually so that it is a comfortable and positive experience for the child.

Therapists working with Pineville kids through the Bucks County Early Intervention and Intermediate Unit programs are welcomed at our facility. Our staff has a positive working relationship with our current therapists and we ensure therapy recommendations for each child are implemented into his/her daily routine.

Pineville is also involved in a program incorporating the Bucks County Intermediate Unit offering autism spectrum disorder programs and also serving other children with special needs. Our philosophy is one that is child-driven. Programs are designed around the children's learning style and cognitive abilities. The one-on-one instruction utilizes Discrete Trial Instructional techniques combined with Verbal Behavior Programming where skills are taught to fluency via techniques of Precision teaching.


Please contact us at 215-598-8004 for further information.